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For Excellence —— LargeV 10th Anniversary

Distinguished guests

Mr. Yu Guangyan, President of the Chinese Stomatology Association, Ms. Yue Lin, Secretary-general, specially made videos to celebrate LargeV's 10th birthday. They affirmed the contributions from LargeV to the Chinese stomatology industry over the past ten years. Hope to have a bright future as well.


Yu Guangyan

President of the Chinese Stomatology Association


Yue Lin

Secretary-general of the Chinese Stomatology Association

Mr. Jin Qinxian, deputy Secretary-general of Tsinghua University and President of Beijing Tsinghua Institute of Industrial Development, recalled the entrepreneurial history of LargeV. In particular, he mentioned that LargeV created the first domestic dental CBCT, and received the registration certificate from NMPA in a very short time, which is a significant company history .


Jin Qinxian

Deputy Secretary-general of Tsinghua University

President of Beijing Tsinghua Institute of Industrial Development

The chairman of Nuctech, LargeV’s shareholder company, and the start-up leaders of LargeV also expressed their wishes for LargeV.


Chen Zhiqiang

Chairman of Nuctech  

Director of Institute of Nuclear Technology, Tsinghua University


Zhang Li

Head/Chief Researcher of Particle Information Acquisition and Processing Laboratory, Tsinghua University

Originator of LargeV’s dental CBCT

First Deputy General Manager of LargeV


Wang Yonggang

Vice President of LargeV’s shareholder company Nuctech

First Manager of LargeV

Ten years millstone of LargeV


LargeV has grown from a founding team of 10 people to a professional company in ten years. This great company had overcome a lot of difficulties as well as achieved incredible achievements. The first domestic dental CBCT was created in 2012 and received the registration certification next year. In 2020, The first product in the industry, 4-in-1 intelligent dental CBCT, was unveiled on DTC exhibition. Creative products initiative put LargeV in the spotlight.We should keep these milestones in mind and keep moving forward.


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